About Us

Energized by People With Passion and the Desire To Win


Milestone Advisors provides companies with uncompromising vision and a clear roadmap for success driven by David’s keen financial and operational insights that reset misaligned goals, boost growth and sustainability.

Far from being formed overnight, these insights are preceded by hours of active listening—in board meetings, in one-on-ones with owners, and in group sessions with management.


We quickly identify your company’s unique goals and collaborate with leadership to pinpoint the strategies necessary to reach them.

A 360-Degree View of Business

The strength of David’s counsel lies in his diverse professional background. With over three decades’ worth of experience in banking, investing, and serving as a controlling owner in several companies, he has deep business expertise and the confidence to deliver unvarnished truth.

His breadth of experience has also refined his awareness of what makes exceptional business managers and owners, giving him the ability to spot brilliance and raw potential from a mile away.

Healthcare, distribution, and service-based businesses are just a few sectors where he’s made positive impacts.

Advisory LLC


Getting at the heart of what you want to accomplish is just the beginning.
Charting your progress toward greater success and increased stakeholder value, Milestone Advisors specializes in four key business areas: Corporate Finance, Business Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory, and Board Advisory.

We see, with crystal clarity, where you want to go and the road to take you there. But directions alone won’t cut it. You need a map detailing every milestone to hit along the way.

So we devise a strategy to get your business to its destination, and we gauge progress by comparing where you are against our baseline at the start of the engagement—Point Zero.

At the outset, we define the key metrics that determine growth, so you know for certain you’re on the right path. Because the journey matters just as much as the destination.