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We discover your Point Zero and then help to establish the clear and measurable Milestones on the journey to realize your business’ full potential.

Point zero -  the point from which progress can be charted


Establishing a plan to purchase or sell a business requires experience and an understanding of the complex acquisition process. Without a roadmap, the process breaks down.

There’s no question that careful planning paves the way for a successful merger or acquisition, but what’s considered a success varies. It could be closing the deal, or it could be walking away due to discordant beliefs.

We provide C-suite executives, senior managers, and business owners with a roadmap to smooth the ups and downs of a deal—when buying or selling. And our objective advice for business managers ensures they don’t fall in love with a deal, maximizing value to stakeholders at all times.


Extensive corporate board experience has given us the perspective necessary to be a trusted boardroom advisor. Our impartial advice and astute insights are just what growing and distressed companies need to help them reach important milestones.

Additionally, our deep familiarity with transitional management teams and our holistic approach to change management, make us a powerful resource for owners and C-suite teams.


CFOs and finance leaders must determine how to maximize the value of an organization. A thorough roadmap for achieving this value begins with finely established goals and identifying the essential milestones you need to focus on to achieve success.

We offer insight into a business’ funding and the best capital structure to obtain the desired outcome. During our evaluation process, we review and implement capital budgeting, analyze day-to-day working capital requirements, and assess the risk in the balance sheet.

Understanding deal documents, as well as bank-imposed restrictions around distressed debt, is critical. Our team has years of proven experience in negotiating debt and equity transactions.


We focus on financial and operational strategies to create a roadmap for helping your company reach its goals. Once you know what your company needs to do, decisions about hiring and resource allocation become much easier.

To optimize outcomes, we combine proper business strategy—your roadmap—with your company’s vision and long-term goals. To ensure successful strategy management, we help business owners and managers develop a clear leadership message.


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